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well i did not do nano and the whole world is Bad Times. im trying to figure out where i want to write online. this notebook is too soft! this notebook is too hard! no notebook is just right and i have NOTHING TO WEAR
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hello! i am alive and haven't been on in a couple months! gonna do original fiction for nanowrimo! ive got some more princesses stuff i worked on this summer but that will have to wait for december or jan
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Sappho prompts from femslashficlets done/in progress: 2, 4, 6, 8, 19

so that's like. five of twenty *thumbs up*

(i've got like three that need to be finished/edited. 4 6 and 8 i think lol)
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Title: Group A
Word Count: 986
Summary: Princesses post-apocalyptic AU. The whole monsters thing comes to a head. Ariel POV. Ariel is mute.

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Some men say an army of horse and some men say an army on foot
and some men say an army of ships is the most beautiful thing
on the black earth. But I say it is
what you love.


Title: Cavalry
Pairing: Mulan/Elsa, preslash/first meeting
Words: 1000
Rating: PG, some nongraphic violence
Prompt: sappho prompt 2 from [community profile] femslashficlets
Notes: Princesses post-apocalyptic AU. The beginning of the end, Mulan POV. While most of the princesses are high school age at this point in the timeline, Mulan, Elsa, and others are in their twenties. I've given Mulan a younger brother (Ty), based loosely on non-Disney variations on the story, and maybe with a touch of Mushu.

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i would like to file a formal complaint on how i don't have enough time to write fic right now
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Title: The First Time It Happens
Word Count: 646
Prompt: 'consequences' from [community profile] femslashficlets
Rating: PG
Fandom: Disney
Pairing: Aurora/Snow, preslash
Notes: Another piece in the post-apocalyptic disney princesses AU, although this is set earlier in time than the others and the world hasn't really 'ended' yet.

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i'm still here i'm just busier lately!

also i really want to write rey/finn/poe aka polys in space
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robot dude name possibilities
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Title: Maybes
Pairing: Aurora/Snow, preslash. Brief mention of Cindy/Tiana.
Summary: Aurora writes in her journal. Brief snippet in Disney Princesses post apocalyptic AU.
Word count: 345
Rating: G
Prompt: 'maybe' from [community profile] femslashficlets

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episode 9 jessica jones spoilers

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jessica jones spoilers under cut

just need to jot down some thoughts - episode 8 - same tws as the show

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spoilers abound under the cut

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"Hey buddy," he greets Beetle with a pasted-on smile.

Ted winces. "He really chewed you out, didn't he."

Booster's shoulders come down a little. He doesn't have to act for Ted.

"He's Batman," he shrugs. "Lecturing the rest of us while looming out of the shadows is his job."

Ted gives a head tilt of agreement.

"Just... wounded pride and all that." A fleeting, sarcastic smile. "You know how it is."

Ted pats his shoulder. He rests his hand there, a vague suggestion of warmth through a suit designed to protect.

"I do, buddy. I do." He lets his hand drop. "Anyone could have made the same mistake, Boost."

"Anyone but Bats. Or Supes."

"Or Diana."

"Definitely not Barda."

"Well," says Ted. "I would have made the same mistake."

"I feel so comforted," Booster says with a small smirk.
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thinking on a short ficlet of some sort for hc bingo prompt 'humiliation'

a good place to put my brain in idle moments
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Title: Queens of empty palaces
Prompt: #33 'queen' on [community profile] femslashficlets
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairings: Michiru/Haruka, pre Setsuna/Michiru/Haruka
Rating: Teen?
Word count: 787
Summary: Michiru is trying to find what she's forgotten about Setsuna, to remember how the pieces fit together in their past lives.
Notes: Some clothed groping. I ship this OT3 very hard. Haruka is bigender.
For casual readers and anyone who is most familiar with the English dub of the first anime: Michiru is Sailor Neptune. Haruka is Sailor Uranus. Setsuna is Sailor Pluto. Also mentioned are Usagi, Sailor Moon; and Minako, Sailor Venus.

They are all queens in their own right. They no longer rule kingdoms and domains, and they have pledged their lives to the Princess, but their poise and strength have not dimmed. In some of the guardians, royalty is easy to forget—Minako, for instance, and Usagi herself. But to see Pluto stand tall with her rod and orb—to simply step into the lab where Setsuna works and see her with the white coat, a sheaf of papers—Michiru can never forget it of her.

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<user name=""> for linking accounts
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Title: Moon has set
Fandom: Disney
Pairing: Tiana/Cinderella
Rating: PG
Prompt: sappho prompts, #19 moon has set... / hc bingo 'stranded'
Word Count: 250 !
Summary: Disney princesses Tiana and Cinderella (Cindy), vague post-apocalyptic AU, established relationship.
Warnings: none this time

Sappho poem prompt 19 for femslashficlets:

Moon has set
and Pleiades: middle
night, the hour goes by,
alone I lie.

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Title: Branding (Cindy carries her memories on her body)

Fandom: Disney/disney princesses + fairytale retellings

Pairing: Tiana/Cinderella

Rating: Teen

Prompt: hurt comfort + 'branding'

Word Count: 283

Summary: Disney princesses Tiana and Cinderella (Cindy), vague post-apocalyptic AU (will get less vague if I revisit this), established relationship.

Notes: I imagine Cinderella growing up more of a wild child in this setting, whereas Tiana is more similar to her movie self, relatively. Short drabble.

Warnings: burns, branding/body modification (not graphic)

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made a table version of hc bingo board so i can cross stuff out

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