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Title: Moon has set
Fandom: Disney
Pairing: Tiana/Cinderella
Rating: PG
Prompt: sappho prompts, #19 moon has set... / hc bingo 'stranded'
Word Count: 250 !
Summary: Disney princesses Tiana and Cinderella (Cindy), vague post-apocalyptic AU, established relationship.
Warnings: none this time

Sappho poem prompt 19 for femslashficlets:

Moon has set
and Pleiades: middle
night, the hour goes by,
alone I lie.

Moon has set

They hold hands in the dark. Tiana holds too tight, curling in on herself, and Cindy could never bear to let her go. Neither close their eyes, though they can see little in the moonless night. The wall, no longer quite part of a building, is cold against their backs. Cindy keeps her free arm wrapped around the girl she's falling in love with, hoping to keep her warm.

The dark isn't what it used to be. Tiana remembers looking at the stars, making up constellations and stories with her father. Cindy remembers feeling free as the crickets sang, if only for a few hours. They will have this conversation later, by the warm light of candles, when the fear is a memory and eventuality but not, for then, the present.

An eerie cry drifts down from above them, and then another, from further to their right.

"How many are there?" Tiana whispers as quietly as she can.

"Too many," Cindy says against Tiana's ear. "I can't shoot in the dark either way. I'm not Aunt Mal."

Tiana sighs. "So we wait."

Cindy squeezes her gently. She hasn't seen working electronics in over a year, but she's pretty sure it's only a few hours until dawn.

"Love you, Cin," murmurs Tiana.

"Love you too, Ti." She traces a gentle circle on Tiana's palm with her thumb, then a heart, then returns to circles. "Morning is soon," she whispers.

Tiana takes a careful deep breath and nods slightly, accepting the half-truth.

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Found this through femslashficlets, and I really love it - very lovely, evocative and unnerving writing, and great job giving a sense of this world in only 250 words.


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