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Title: Branding (Cindy carries her memories on her body)

Fandom: Disney/disney princesses + fairytale retellings

Pairing: Tiana/Cinderella

Rating: Teen

Prompt: hurt comfort + 'branding'

Word Count: 283

Summary: Disney princesses Tiana and Cinderella (Cindy), vague post-apocalyptic AU (will get less vague if I revisit this), established relationship.

Notes: I imagine Cinderella growing up more of a wild child in this setting, whereas Tiana is more similar to her movie self, relatively. Short drabble.

Warnings: burns, branding/body modification (not graphic)

Branding (Cindy carries her memories on her body)

"You're grimacing."


Tiana's hands are cool and precise. She covers her fingers with slick aloe gel, fresh from the plant, and spreads it carefully, softly, over Cindy's side. It stings. Cindy can't see the raw red shape from this angle, but Tiana's face leaves no doubt about how it looks. Her lips are about as pursed as lips can be.

"She's only here until tomorrow morning. Who knows if she'll ever be back through? She's the best there is, Ti."


Cindy sucks in a breath as Tiana presses a square of bandage onto her side. Tiana holds it there still and steady as stone, and with her other hand, just for a moment, strokes the side of Cindy's haphazardly-bunned hair. Cindy leans in just a little.

Tiana sighs.

"What if we can't take care of it? Babe... didn't you say the other one took two years to heal up?"

"I know, Ti. I'll be careful, really careful."

"It was easier to keep things clean back then."

Cindy looks at the permanently dingy mat they're kneeling on, at the dirt that's still under her fingernails after washing her hands in two different places today.

"Yeah. It was."

Tiana finishes securing the bandage. She places a chaste kiss on Cindy's bare breast and reaches up to stroke her hair again.

"I have to do it," Cindy says. "For my dad." To match the one for her mother.

"I know, babe." Tiana breathes against her. "It's okay. We'll take really good care of it."

"Thank you." Cindy sighs and relaxes a little. Her side throbs. She rubs Tiana's shoulder, warm through the rough fabric of her shirt, and places a kiss on her forehead.

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Oh, hey, there's more of this AU! This is also excellent, with a nice blend of sad, sweet, and practical. Really lovely.


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