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yeee fixed my layout for casual viewing on mobile

this is important because i live on my phone
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figuring out dreamwidth posts:

edit: nevermind i don't understand cuts at all. but the tag is <cut>
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i made myself a hurt-comfort prompts bingo board from hc_bingo prompts (it's cool that they do a whole moderated thing but i work better on my own and this was pretty easy to generate)

i don't plan to limit this to any particular fandom. as always, the goal is mostly to make my inertial ass do any writing at all.

i may also start posting dating sim script stuff here because dreamwidth really is nicer for writing than tumblr. i mean really.

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I feel like this is a place I should use complete sentences. It makes me feel very serious. Hello, I am a serious person who uses proper capitalization and punctuation.

i've turned into chatspeak and i'm sorry

Typing in proper sentences seems to have this weight to it now. I used to make entire LJ entries written up properly when I was a teenager. When I write in full sentences now, I feel like I'm writing and I have to pay attention and vary sentence length and what-have-you.

One thing I forgot about lj/dreamwidth format, which is nice, is that you can open a simple post page and use it to write. It isn't some weird pop-up, it won't crash my browser, and it looks like it auto-saves! I like having a format like this so I have somewhere that feels less formal to write when I'm feeling anxious about writing. (Which is, of course, all the time.)

So I might use dreamwidth for writing. I also might not because I have attention span of a fucking gnat and regularly completely forget that various things exist.
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i have no idea what i'm doing. subscribing is different from joining? are there different kinds of following people? this is not exactly the same as livejournal used to be =3=
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using this site makes me feel like i've gone back in time

i'm so used to using a wysiwyg on tumblr shit


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