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Title: The First Time It Happens
Word Count: 646
Prompt: 'consequences' from [community profile] femslashficlets
Rating: PG
Fandom: Disney
Pairing: Aurora/Snow, preslash
Notes: Another piece in the post-apocalyptic disney princesses AU, although this is set earlier in time than the others and the world hasn't really 'ended' yet.

The First Time It Happens

"Snow?" she whispers in the dark. She can feel that her counterpart is awake.

"Yeah?" says Snow. Aurora thinks she sounds and feels tired, but it blurs together with her own heaviness.

"Just wondering if you were still awake," Aurora says, although each knew the other was awake without asking.

She feels Snow waiting for what she is going to say. Snow is a good friend—she knows when to give her space, as much as she can. If Aurora were going to be telepathically linked to anyone, she's glad it's Snow.

"The monster," Aurora starts. Their thoughts and feelings fill in the gap, the hellish past two days.

Snow thinks, something is growing around us. I think this was just the beginning. But she doesn't give voice to it.

Aurora sits cross-legged and runs fingers through her hair.

"Snow," she says.


The rhythmic action calms her only slightly. She scratches nails gently up and down her scalp. Her hair is still so short.

"This is happening because of me."

She can feel Snow shaking her head in the darkness.

"If I weren't awake? That wouldn't have happened, would it?"

"It's not your fault," Snow says firmly. She means it from the core of her, where she learned to say it to herself and believe it years ago.

"Maybe," says Aurora.

"It's not."

"Even if it's not." She tucks small tufts of hair behind both ears. "Me being awake. That monster. They're because of the same thing." Because of her father.

Snow is quiet, but Aurora knows she will have more to say eventually. Snow hates Aurora's father in a way Aurora wishes she could.

Snow moves next to her and touches her shoulder. Aurora relaxes, just a fraction.

"Let's go to the kitchen and make hot chocolate," Snow says, brooking no argument.

Aurora shakes her head anyway. "I don't want to wake Ms. Mal up."

"Aunt Mal will be fine. I'll bet she has some sort of silence spell she can cast."

They both know the woman whose floor they're crashing on is probably too worn out to do any more magic tonight. Let's be as quiet as we can, Aurora thinks to Snow.

Aurora isn't sure she would be handling any of this without her new friend. Snow knows how to be strong, and she's helping Aurora learn.


Snow can work her own sort of magic in a kitchen, although she never seems domestic in the least. She can make hot chocolate with half a bar of baking chocolate and a bag of brown sugar that's hard as a rock, and it's the best hot chocolate Aurora's ever had. (She only knows how to make it from a packet.)

It warms their hands in mismatched mugs. A comfort.

Aunt Mal's kitchen is small and neat, without many dishes to clutter it up. They've turned on the low light next to the sink and nothing else.

Snow sighs.

"You never had a choice. I hate to say that, but you never did. Your father did everything. Everything."

Aurora accepts it, at least for the moment. She nods.

"It was his fault you were in a coma to begin with. You know that, right?"

Aurora winces slightly. She can't remember much about that incident, but what remains in her head isn't pleasant.


"If he had just left well enough alone, none of this would have happened. You would never have been in a coma. You wouldn't have spent that year in that hospital."

Aurora stares down at her mug.

She looks up and meets Snow's eyes.

What would have happened to you?

Snow shrugs one shoulder.

"Doesn't matter." She leans against the counter next to Aurora, letting their thighs brush. "I'm good here."

Snow is happier now than she was before. Of all reassurances, Aurora holds onto that the most tightly. Maybe that makes it worth it.

Date: 2016-01-13 08:07 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] fresh_brainss
fresh_brainss: (Default)
This is really cool! I love the world you've built for them, and the way you've woven in Aurora's story.

Date: 2016-03-06 11:51 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] sidonie
sidonie: (Default)
Oh, whoa, this is intriguing, lovely, and totally excellent.


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