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Title: Maybes
Pairing: Aurora/Snow, preslash. Brief mention of Cindy/Tiana.
Summary: Aurora writes in her journal. Brief snippet in Disney Princesses post apocalyptic AU.
Word count: 345
Rating: G
Prompt: 'maybe' from [community profile] femslashficlets

Maybe Snow will have some news soon.

Maybe we can look outside tomorrow. Maybe next week.

Maybe Tiana can make something that tastes like a cake. Maybe everything will be calm through Ariel's birthday and we'll be able to leave the lights on, and talk, and play music for her.

Everything is maybes now. Maybe, maybe. Maybe we don't even have the date right anyway.

Maybe I'll see my father again. I know I shouldn't forgive him. And maybe I don't. But I miss him.

Maybe he'll admit he was wrong now.

Maybe we'll go outside and all the monsters will be gone.

Aurora chews on the end of her pen. The candle flickers on the floor next to her journal.

Maybe Meg was right

Aurora looks up. Everyone is asleep, or trying to be, except for Aunt Mal. Aunt Mal isn't paying her any mind, though. Ariel is almost, almost snoring, which was kind of funny at first. Now it's just familiar and weirdly comforting. Cindy and Tiana are sleeping in a sort of pile with one blanket, Tiana's head on Cindy's stomach. Finally.

Maybe Meg was right about

Her heart is beating too hard.

Maybe Meg was right about Snow.

And me.

I miss her. There isn't a lot to do right now, so Aunt Mal has been working on our connection. Now I only hear her when she really wants me to, or vice versa. We're going to keep it like this for now so we can talk to everyone in Snow's bunker, sort of.

I should be happy about this. Not having her in my head anymore, not feeling everything.

I miss her though.

I miss everyone.

Aurora puts down the pen, closes the journal. She lifts the tea light up to her mouth and blows out the flame. Only the one LED strand stays lit, shining through the nights that are safe enough for light. The blue lights were almost festive at first, but now they're just the color of fragile safety and sleeping on a pallet on the floor.

Date: 2015-12-01 06:02 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] sidonie
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I'm really happy to see more of this. Lovely, sad, and atmospheric.


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